Cool Kids Workshops

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Dr. Brad will be leading workhops at the Texas Counseling Association's Elementary Counselor's Conference and for Richardson and Dallas ISD counselors.

Workshops for Parents and/or ChildrenDr. Brad Schwall

Dr. Brad Schwall, the creator of Cool Kids, leads parenting talks on a variety of topics.  He leads talks on parenting pre-schoolers, effective discipline, teaching children to give respect and deal with bullying, effective communication, and helping children develop responsibility and confidence.

He leads parenting workshops that give tips for encouraging children to use the Cool Kids skills which may include children too.  These interactive Cool Kids workshops include video and participation by the children. Cool Kids workshops focusing on specific Cool Rules may also be led for children.

Staff Development

Dr. Schwall leads talks for teachers on classroom behavior management and school counselors on social and emotional learning.  Schools using Cool Kids may have him speak on using the lessons and Cool Rules in their classrooms to manage behavior, encourage pro-social behavior, prevent bullying, and create a positive learning environment.

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