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Traveling with Kids, by Dr. Brad SchwallDr. Brad Schwall

Be Prepared

  • Have snacks handy – hungry kids are cranky kids
  • Pack anything that might help your child be comfortable
  • Establish rules for siblings that prevent problems before they start
  • Tell your child what to expect
  • Anticipate needs


  • Break up the monotony of long drives, plane rides, or waits at airports with books, videos, travel activities, coloring supplies, or handheld games
  • Save surprises for times when your child begins to get cranky and you need him or her to be calm

Pace Yourself

  • Plan your travel so that there is time for rest
  • Schedule time to unwind or release energy when you arrive at your destination or on breaks along the way

Handle Frustrations Calmly

  • Your frustration causes your child’s frustration to escalate
  • Show your child you understand his or her frustration
  • Help your child problem-solve

Make it Fun

  • Focus on the moment
  • Take advantage of your time with your children
  • Be pleasant
  • Give your child undivided attention
  • Make memories

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