Dr. Schwall to Speak at School Counselor's Conference on Working with 5th and 6th Graders

Dr. Schwall will be speaking at the Texas Counseling Association's School Counselor Conference on February 11 on counseling and social and emotional instruction with 5th and 6th Graders.


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  Top 10 Qualities of Effective School Counselors, by Dr. Brad Schwall  

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After 20 years of working with school counselors and school counseling directors, I have Dr. Brad Schwallobserved qualities in school counselors I believe help them make a positive impact in their work.  I have had the privilege of knowing excellent school counselors who are professional and committed to their work.  School counselors have many and varied responsibilities.  Some common qualities help them make an impact on children and schools.

Effective school counselors are:  

1.  Organized

Creating a calendar and schedule and planning ahead for special emphases, lessons and seasonal responsibilities allows you to complete what you plan to accomplish even when crises or urgent matters arise. 


2.  Resourceful

Effective school counselors are willing to accept help from the community and they seek support through funding or volunteer time to obtain resources and encouragement for their students. Accepting the help of the community may add some work in coordinating, but it’s a worthy investment of time.


3.  Intentional

Effective school counselors have a purpose and base their work on that purpose.  Their purpose and their work are evident and visible to others.


4.  Lifelong Learners

Effective school counselors keep up-to-date on the latest research in counseling, child development, social and emotional learning, and education.


5.  In Tune with Children

Effective school counselors enjoy and understand children.


6.  Focused on a Role Rather Than Just a Job

The school counselor’s role includes being a guide, encourager, and problem-solver.  You are in your schools to support the learning environment and the learners, not just complete tasks.


7.  Healthy

You can handle stress more effectively when you eat healthily, exercise, and get a healthy amount of sleep.


8.  Socially Intelligent

School counselors must be empathic, communicate clearly, and able to build trust and rapport.


9.  Humble

You cannot fix all problems and you may not be of help to all, students, families, or staff.  Your humility helps you to be genuine.


10.  Confident

You have skills and insights to offer.  Even when time and funding may be limiting, stick to your plan.  Be creative in how you teach, guide, and encourage.


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