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Parenting Tips

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How to Prepare Your Child For Kindergarten, by Dr. Brad Schwall Dr. Brad Schwall

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Anxiousness about beginning school is natural.  Children may be nervous about a new school, new teachers, and children they don’t know.  They may be adjusting to a longer day.  You can help your children make the transition by understanding their needs, preparing them for the transition, and encouraging their growth.


Choosing Schools


It’s often difficult to choose the right school setting for your child at this stage.  You’re balancing social and academic readiness. Understand that development is a process.  Children can grow to meet challenges.  All children develop at different rates.  The goal is for your child to have the opportunity to be both challenged and succeed.



  • Continue supervising play-dates
  • Talk about problem-solving and taking turns
  • Encourage your child to spend time with a variety of children rather than just sticking with one or two children



  • Guide your child to use calm talk to describe feelings
  • Reflect what your child is feeling by repeating in your own words what you hear her expressing
  • Help your child problem-solve




The following skills benefit children in Kindergarten:


  • Listening involves looking at the person speaking, being still and quiet, and thinking about what the person is saying
  • Following directions involves listening, thinking about what the person is asking the child to do, and following the direction
  • Being confident involves trying new things, accepting mistakes, and trying again


  • Emphasize the importance of learning
  • Understand your child’s developing learning style
  • Address needs proactively as they arise


Take your child to his or her school for a tour.  Talk about what she will enjoy.  Validate that it is OK to be a little nervous.  Read together and show excitement about learning and what she is learning to do.  Your child will follow the tone you set for school so talk about how it will be fun, how she will be able to follow directions and learn, and that she is ready for school.


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