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Ingredients for Successful Holiday Meals with Children, by Dr. Brad SchwallDr. Brad Schwall

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Ingredient 1:  Preparation

  • Focus discipline on prevention.
  • Provide activities that keep children busy.
  • Balance time during which being calm and still is expected with time when playing is appropriate.

Ingredient 2:  Routine

  • Prevent children from becoming too tired, hungry, or over-stimulated by maintaining their routine as much as possible.

Ingredient 3:  Clear expectations

  • Let your child know exactly what behavior is expected.
  • Go over appropriate voice volume, the importance of sharing, staying calm inside the home, and manners.

Ingredient 4:  Patience

  • Avoid showdowns.
  • Describe exactly what you want your children to do without criticizing, raising your voice, or making threats you cannot or will not enforce.

Ingredient 5:  Conversation

  • Include your children in conversation.
  • Ask your children questions.  Allow them to contribute to the discussion.  
  • Engaging children in conversations teaches them communication skills and social skills -- and it keeps them busy.


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