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A New School Year = New Jobs, by Dr. Brad Schwall


The rites of a new school year include new shoes, school supplies, haircuts, and hopefully, a conversation with your kids about goals for the year and plans for making the year go smoothly.  Everyone has jobs to do to make the school year go well.  Preparing for the school year and school transitions can give everyone confidence.

The Parents’ Jobs


1.    Help your child be physically ready for school – rested, well fed, on time.

2.    Have high standards – expect that your child can do well in school.  Don't get stuck in power struggles over homework.  Help your child learn how to get work done teaching how to fulfill responsibilities without stress.

3.    Be involved at your child’s school – show your child that school is important by volunteering and being a part of the PTA.  Being involved helps you stay connected to your child.

4.    Give support – be in tune with what’s happening socially, emotionally, and academically.  Eat dinner together, check in, problem-solve, and communicate with your child's teachers.


The Kids’ Jobs


1.    Listen in school

2.    Follow directions

3.    Give respect to teachers and peers

4.    Do homework without arguing

5.    Plan ahead

6.    Don’t wait until the last minute to do projects


Preparing for Kindergarten


1.    Talk it through – talk about what to expect – the day’s schedule, drop off, and pick up time.

2.    Walk it through – schools usually schedule a time to meet your child's teacher.  Walk through the drop off routine and tour the school to help your child feel comfortable.

3.    Let her know it’s OK to be nervous, but help her think of what she's looking forward to about school. 


Preparing for Middle and High School


1.    Be an encourager more than a manager.  Step in to coach when you need to, but show your child you trust him.

2.    Choose a good time to talk about schedules and obligations rather than nagging. 

3.    Remember that teens still need plenty of sleep.

4.    Ask your child what she wants to accomplish in the year.  Affirm your child for her unique interests and talents.




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