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15 Classroom Respect Boosters, by Dr. Brad Schwall




1.       Write “thank you” notes to your child’s teachers.


2.       Emphasize each day with your child the importance of respecting teachers and peers.


3.       Gather accurate information when your child shares a concern.


4.       When there is a concern to address with your child’s teacher, begin the conversation with a positive statement, describe what you understand the issue and goal for solving the problem to be, and discuss ideas for handling the concern.


5.       Show your children how to be respectful through your own words and actions.




6.       Say “thank you” when your teacher hands you papers.


7.       Compliment each other’s work.


8.       Hold doors for people.


9.       Help each other and share supplies.


10.       Follow directions right away.




11.       Speak to guests and other staff respectfully.


12.       Affirm students for a wide variety of strengths directly and in front of others.


13.       Before activities, ask, “How will you talk and act with respect in this activity?”


14.       Affirm respectful behaviors.


15.     E-mail or call parents when their children have done something especially respectful and thoughtful.


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