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Teaching Kids Cell Phone Etiquette, by Dr. Brad SchwallDr. Brad Schwall

Cell phones are a convenience, but can be misused in socially unacceptable ways.  Following by guidelines for etiquette ensures that the benefits of the ability to keep in contact with others does not lead to impolite, disrespectful, or undesirable behavior.

Cell Phone Etiquette for Parents and Kids

  • Follow by school rules and silence your phone in meetings and other public gatherings.
  • Do not text or take a call while talking to someone else or checking out at a store.
  • If you must be on the phone in the presence of others, speak softly and avoid speaking about personal issues.
  • Avoid obsessive-compulsive e-mail and text message checking.
  • Teach your kids never to use cell phones inappropriately by sharing inappropriate materials or images, bullying using a cell phone, or cheating on tests.
  • Before giving a child a phone, talk about appropriate use and reasonable limits for time spent on the phone.
  • Set limits and communicate consequences before problems occur.
  • Do not text and drive and avoid talking on the phone while driving.

How to Teach Kids Cell Phone Etiquette

  • Talk - talk about appropriate cell phone use.
  • Model - show by example proper, polite use of cell phones.
  • Affirm - complement your kids when they demonstrate trustworthiness by following the rules for cell phone use.
  • Enforce consequences when necessary - when cell phone privileges are abused, enforce the pre-established consequences consistently.


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