What is Cool Kids?

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The Cool Kids resources have a variety of practical uses for school counselors, teachers, and principals. 

Guidance Lessons

The Cool Kids lessons cover the topics recommended in the Texas and American School Counseling Association guidance program models.  The lesson resources include "Cool Kids TV" videos, handouts in English and Spanish, role-play starters, activities, and Power Points.  Create your scope and sequence using this form: Action Plan/Scope and Sequence

Encouraging Positive Behavior and Creating a Positive School Climate

You may purchase permanent access to the "Joe the Janitor" videos that cover topics such as "Working on Group Projects," "Bullying," and "Behavior in the Common Areas."  Use these videos in morning video announcements, class meetings, or guidance lessons. The video covers skills and principles for academic success and a positive learning environment.

Check out some samples of the "Joe the Janitor" episodes at www.joeskeys.com

How to Gain Access to the Cool Kids Resources

Discover what Cool Kids has to offer, make your order, and get started for the 2013-2014 school year.  Schools with access to the Cool Kids resources access and download the resources at www.coolkidschannel.com using a User Name and Password.

  1. Discover what Cool Kids has to offer.  Check out the web-site, view resource samples, call or e-mail Dr. Schwall
  2. Subscribe.  Work through your district purchasing process, a grantmaker, a business, or your PTA to obtain funding.
  3. Complete and submit your order form.  Order Form  
  4. Receive your User Name and Password.
  5. Use the Cool Kids Action Plan to get organized.
  6. Get started!
  7. Contact Dr. Schwall for assistance or ideas.

Two Options for Gaining Access to the Cool Kids Resources

Option 1:  subscribe or renew for access to all of the Cool Kids resources

Cost: $2 per student, $1,000 maximum per campus, 10% discount for renewing schools

Receive access to the following:

  • 32 Cool Kids Lessons including lesson plans, videos, Power Points, and activities
  • 33 "Joe the Janitor" Episodes and Lessons
  • Five versions of the online game "Cool Kids Click" used for guidance lessons and small groups
  • "Cool Rule Songs"
  • Role-play starters
  • Drawing activities

Option 2:  Purchase permanent access to Seasons 1 and/or 2 of the "Joe the Janitor" video episodes, $200 per season or $300 for both seasons 

  • Perfect for 5th and 6th graders
  • Funny yet informative
  • Light-hearted yet insightful
  • Based on the competencies recommended in the Texas and American School Counseling Association guidance program outlines

Funding Options

  • Campus Budget - Campus Improvement Plans
  • PTAs and Dads' Clubs
  • Local Businesses
  • Grants

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