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  NEW! "Joe the Janitor's Keys to Success!"  

All janitors have plenty of keys.  "Joe the Janitor" gives keys to success in school – and in life.Joe the Janitor

Janitors have an insider's view on life at school.  "Joe the Janitor" shares his observations and tips to help kids make good choices at school and to help students and school staff make their school a safe, healthy, positive place to learn. 

  • Principals may use the videos for morning announcements or assemblies to teach students the behaviors that are expected at school in every day school situations
  • School counselors may use the videos for guidance lessons
  • Teachers may use the videos in class meetings


"Joe the Janitor" hosts humorous, insightful, and practical video episodes for each of the following topics:

  1. Back to School
  2. Behavior in the Common Areas
  3. Working on Group Projects
  4. Giving Class Presentations and Being a Good AudienceActivity Book
  5. Behavior in the Cafeteria
  6. Behavior in the Hallway
  7. Listening
  8. Volume Levels
  9. Helpful VS Harmful Choices
  10. Healthy Friendships
  11. Resilience
  12. Showing Appreciation
  13. Leadership
  14. Kindergarten-2nd - Following Directions
  15. Kindergarten-2nd - Goals and Learning
  16. Kindergarten-2nd - Problem-solving

 To view the "Back to School" episode, go to and click on the video player on the home page.

Posters, Activity Book, Power Point Presentation Group Projects Poster

Schools subscribing to "Cool Kids" receive Power Point slides and activity sheets for each video.  Schools may order posters that reinforce the topics and Activity Books to use in lessons and class meetings.

The posters list the keys that Joe shares in the videos and the activity sheets and book provide interactive opportunities to discuss and practice the keys taught.

"Joe the Janitor" was created and developed by Dr. Brad Schwall as another creative strategy for building a positive school climate and teaching students social and emotional skills that build character and support school success.


Subscribe to or renew "Cool Kids" to receive access to all of the current "Cool Kids" resources plus the new "Joe the Janitor" series. 

Choose the number of students you would like to participate or subscribe to the program for your entire school.

  • $2 per student
  • $200 minimum subscription and a $1,000 maximum subscription per school
  • Schools renewing "Cool Kids" may take 10% off their subscription rate

When you subscribe to "Cool Kids," you receive 35 Lesson Kits, five online games, morning announcement scripts, songs, and parenting tips plus 16 new video episodes teaching skills for success at school and in life.  The resources teach children character-building social and emotional skills and equip parents and guardians to reinforce those skills.  You may create a scope and sequence based on the character traits your school emphasizes or special emphases you have, such as Red Ribbon Week or college and career awareness weeks.  All of the Lesson Kits and resources can be downloaded from the subscriber section of the "Cool Kids" web site,, making the materials easy to organize and use.

Schools or organizations may use the Lesson Kits and resources for guidance lessons, class meetings, family events, after-school programs, assemblies, or PTA programs.  The yearly subscription offers fresh resources each year.

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