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Cool Kids Resources for School Counselors, Developed, Written, and Produced by Dr. Brad Schwall 

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School counselors use the Cool Kids lessons, videos, games, songs, and activities in their Guidance Lessons, Responsive Services, and System Support.  The resources cover the Guidance Strands and work well in class lessons, small groups, individual sessions, and in school-wide venues such as morning announcements and assemblies.  Cool Kids teaches skills that encourage positive behavior, academic growth, and character development.  The skills and principles modeled and taught show children how to give respect, be responsible, and develop resilience through evidence-based methods for teaching and reinforcing social and emotional skills.

Guidance Lessons

Cool Kids lessons and videos cover each of the Guidance Strands.  The lessons incorporate technology, interactive learning strategies, and provide a common language for encouraging character across campuses.

Responsive Services

The Cool Kids resources may be used in individual and group sessions.  Lessons can be grouped by topic to work with individuals and groups on issues such as feelings management, respect, responsibility, and self-esteem.

System Support

The videos, morning announcement scripts, and parenting tips allow school counselors to reinforce guidance topics school-wide.  The videos may be used in morning video announcements to encourage positive behavior across your campus.

The Strategy

Dr. Brad Schwall, the creator, author, and producer of the Cool Kids resources, has provided counseling, taught social and emotional skills classes, led parenting workshops, and developed character education curricula for 20 years.  He has learned the importance of developing evidence-based resources that may be implemented easily and effectively and that are also enjoyed by students.  The Cool Kids resources may be implemented efficiently in the midst of the busy schedules of school counselors.  The fun, interactive, and creative videos, games, and lessons teach specific, observable skills that encourage positive behavior and a positive school climate. 

Benefits of Cool Kids to Schools

  • Encourages positive behavior
  • Teaches skills that help students cooperate
  • Creates a safe, healthy learning environment
  • Provides the school with tools for communicating with parents about how they may support their students’ learning
  • Gives teachers tools for encouraging respect and responsibility in the classroom


Cool Kids Resources

Cool Kids provides interactive, fun, humorous, and positive videos, lessons, games, role-play starters, morning announcement scripts, drawing sheets, tools for reinforcing positive behavior, and parenting tips to use for Guidance Lessons, System Support, and Responsive Services.  Subscribe to receive access to the resources for the following topics.

Cool Rules Introduction
Respecting Peers
Getting Work Done: Responsibility
AngerShowing Care
Cool Families
Dealing with Disagreements
Good Choices
Preventing Substance Abuse
Dealing with Sadness
Respecting Differences
Dealing with Bullying
Following Directions
Taking Tests
Setting Goals for College and Career
How to Deal with Anger: K-2
How to Be Resilient: Grades 5-6
How to be Confident: Grades K-2
How to Problem-Solve: K-2
How to Do Your Best: Grades 3-4
How to Be Responsible: K-2
How to Handle Strong Feelings: Grades 3-4
How to Resolve Conflict: Grades 3-4
Making Good Decisions: The Cool Rules Across the Campus - 3-6
How to Manage Time: Grades 5-6
How to Work Well with Others: Grades 5-6
How to Be Organized: Grades 3-4
How to Build Strong Friendships: Grades 3-4
Joe the Janitor: Introduction
Joe the Janitor: Back to School
Joe the Janitor: Behavior in the Common Areas
Joe the Janitor: Walking in the Hallway
Joe the Janitor: Behavior in the Cafeteria
Joe the Janitor: Volume Levels
Joe the Janitor: Showing Appreciation
Joe the Janitor: Resilience
Joe the Janitor: Group Projects
Joe the Janitor: Class Presentations
Joe the Janitor: Listening
Joe the Janitor: Good Friendships
Joe the Janitor: Healthy Choices
Joe the Janitor: Leadership
Joe the Janitor: K-2 - Following Directions
Joe the Janitor: K-2 - Goals for Learning
Joe the Janitor: K-2 - Problem-solving
Joe the Janitor: Think Before You Act
Joe the Janitor: Be a Leader
Joe the Janitor: Cooperate 
Joe the Janitor: Respect Differences
Joe the Janitor: Be Your Own Boss, How to Handle Peer Pressure
Joe the Janitor: Be OK with Asking for Help

Joe the Janitor: The 5th Grade Boys Talk 
Joe the Janitor: Stress Less
Joe the Janitor: Be Tech-Smart
Joe the Janitor: Get Organized
Joe the Janitor: Be Confident
Joe the Janitor: Be Responsible
Joe the Janitor: Make and Keep Good Friends
Joe the Janitor: Say "No" to Bullying
Joe the Janitor: Enjoy Work
Joe the Janitor: Stay on Task
Joe the Janitor: Deal With Feelings





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